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"There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are."

Ernst Haas


  • Dalet Media is a creative company consisting of a highly qualified team of professionals with a vast of experience in the media industry.

    You’ve just read a very standard and entirely banal phrase, which is used by every single company in their “About” section. We won’t be like that, and we won't tell you thousands incredible stories about our experience and the amount of the projects we had, we won’t try to impress you by some brilliant reviews from our clients. No, we’ll just tell you our story, we’ll just tell you how it is.

    We founded this company in four, which turned out to be a pretty hard deal because we are so different. Every one of us represents a unique and strong personality, who doesn’t really like when other personalities are telling it what to do. We are arguing all the time because our tastes and views differ so much. But we are who we are. And, probably it wouldn’t have worked out if we were different. Because in the end all our differences always lead to a cool result, although we have to sweat. In the end, we are one big creative family, in which each of us is complementing the other.

    Being creative people, we can find the beauty in everything, and we are always striving for perfection. Details are essential for us, because we believe, that it is indeed impossible to build something genuinely worthwhile without the attention to them. We do not look for easy ways, and we hate banality. Being great pedants, we do not like unfinished business, so with us, you can forget about overdue deadlines. We breathe in unison with each project, trying to feel all its deep essence. We are creators, art is our life, and for us, every new project is like a breath of air.


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